The Presence Group

A contemplative group who meditate and study together.

About The Presence Group

We are a group of contemplative individuals who have been studying, meditating, and  praying together since 2005.  Our purpose is to strive to be continually awake to the certain Presence of God in us, in others, and in all living things; to live with intention; and to discern God’s desire in our lives. We do this by reading and contemplating a variety of materials, through group discussion and through active prayer lives and meditation.

We meditate (both group and individual), to “listen with the heart” for God’s voice.  We acknowledge that this is a life-long work that requires patience and commitment.

During the days of Covid-19 we met via Zoom.  Now that many of us are vaccinated we meet on Zoom and in a private home.

Please examine our “Readings” section for the books we have read and discussed through the years.  They reflect our quest to discover God’s Presence by studying writers from the Christian perspective and a variety of other faiths.

You are invited to join us.

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